Ebb Tide

A film by Vivian Rivas

The Americas Film Festival in New York Best Short Documentary went to US production EBB TIDE by Vivian Rivas. The jury statement described the short as “an intimate film that makes us witness of a touching reencounter… a beautiful glimpse into the life of a retired school teacher portrayed with delicacy and sense of humor to talk about memory, time and love with a cinematic vision. ”


Vivian Rivas bio

Born in Guatemala. Always wanted to study film, but only traditional careers were offered at the local Universities. Graduated as an Architect and worked independently for a few years.
After working in “The Silence of Neto” by director Luis Argueta, she moves to New York to work in his production company Morningside Movies.
Later on, she becomes a freelance script supervisor for features films and TV commercials.
In 2008, Vivian collaborates again with Argueta as a Cinematographer for the feature documentary “Abused, The Postville Raid” about the biggest immigration raid in US history.
At 54, she gets her Masters Degree in Documentary Filmmaking. Her first short and thesis film “Ebb Tide” has been accepted in more than 12 festivals around the world and has won several awards.
Her goal is to write and direct documentaries about regular people going through unexpected journeys. Currently, she is working in her first feature documentary about women’s rights in Guatemala.


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